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Turn Your Life Around! Get What You Want!

Can't get to Florida on October 29? Join us virtually to attract money, success, health, happiness at home, and better relationships. DON'T MISS IT

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Turn Your Life Around! Get What You Want!

Are there more stormy days in your life than sunny ones? Do you feel "unhealthy"?Does your life feel stuck on failure or lackluster performance?Are your relationships volatile or unsatisfying?Is your business draining your time and money? Is your career at a standstill?

Turn Your Life Around! Get What You Want! with this Feng Shui Workshop by Agnes Beleznay, Master of Arts (ELTE University) and Master of Business Administration (Tulane University).Agnes will lead this practical workshop to discover the potential internal and external causes of the difficulties in your life using the ancient and modern art of FENG SHUI.

Having studied extensively in Asia and with years of successful practice with clients from Wall Street to people just like you around the world, AGNES will show you how you can easily and quickly turn the problems in your life into opportunities using PROVEN Feng Shui methods and techniques.Isn't it time to release the negative energies that are blocking your success and quite literally RE-POSITION yourself for personal and financial success?Agnes will give you the correct tools, mindset, and expertise to be successful in all aspects of your life. 

This is an INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP that is easy for everyone to understand and implement while including the opportunity to go deeper and learn as you master the basics.YOU WILL RECEIVE A FIRM GROUNDING IN ALL THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FENG SHUI and be able to go home and implement CHANGE in your life. AGNES WILL ALSO REVEAL MANY OF HER OWN FENG SHUI SECRETS AS WELL.Price includes lecture materials and Agnes' DVD.

Sunday October 29 from 4-6 pm  Price: $98/workshop

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