Nov 13, 2017 07 00 PM EST
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The Healing Herbs of Haiti: Part 1

Learn the basics of healing with Haitian herbs now and improve your health tomorrow. Enjoy this entertaining workshop with Mambo Stacy and Tanya Marie

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The Healing Herbs of Haiti: Part 1

There is not another island in the Caribbean that has a stronger native medicine than Haiti, a medicine born from hundreds of years of fiercely won independence from slavery and a reliance on African traditions brought to the new world for healing and prevention.

Today in even the most modern of Haitian homes you will find an island medicine cabinet in planters, buckets, and bags, a compendium of effective and natural remedies 

Healing Herbs of Haiti: Part 1 will introduce you to three (3) herbs that are used in a variety of treatments and preventive healthcare. You will learn to identify these herbs, cultivate them, and use them. Scientific research will be shared and native wisdom honored.  

Healing Herbs of Haiti: Part 1 is hosted by Tanya Marie Abreu, a healthcare strategist and integrative medicine advocate with more than 30 years of consulting experience with hospitals and physician practices in the United States and abroad. She is joined by herbal healer and Haitian vodou practitioner Mambo Stacy, curator of St. Michael's Botanica, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
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